I hate political correctness too two

I agree with Clint Eastwood. I hate political correctness. And for the reason that he hates it.  We are too soft.

Let me explain.  Think about all of those politicians who have been using dog whistles and coded language for years.  We all agreed that was just politics, it doesn’t mean they are racists.  But these same dog whistling politicians also made sure 10 – 100 millions of dollars never flowed anywhere near black and brown communities. As long as they didn’t offend us with a word, phrase or image they were free to treat us like N18835s day in day out, 24/7.

Now they don’t understand.  If they got away with treating us like N18835s for decades, how could calling us N18835s to our face be worse and generate so much blowback. Surely if we were silent having our opportunities stolen from us without our knowledge (because we weren’t paying attention), surely we shouldn’t be butt hurt with a few racial slurs, jokes and cartoons.

Again I agree.  If we were OK with political corruption (we’ve done nothing to stop it) why are we so bothered by political incorrectness?

We can’t have any power you say.  They have power, they vote all the time. They make sure who they want is in power to do what they want behind our backs all the time.  It’s actually very simple.  In fact, they thought we had figured it out in 2008 and 2012.  It wasn’t  just because President Barack Obama was half black that he was a problem to them.  Their main issue with his election and reelection is that they feared he represented a recognition by us that collectively we have power and would begin to exercise it continually.  So they did what they always do. They set out to block him at every turn to discourage us from believing we could have any power.

And because utopia didn’t break out over night and the white supremacists didn’t immediately roll over and give up, it’s likely that the obstruction has convinced enough of us that we can’t win.  Often, causing us to lose a battle is enough for most of us to give up on winning the war. Actually, we won the battle, but because your pet issue wasn’t fully reversed/implemented, etc in eight years, the system obviously doesn’t work.  They aren’t screaming about taking America back because it doesn’t work. No, political correctness won’t make America great again either.

So, basically, if political incorrectness and opposition are all it takes to make you give up, beg the other guy to change rather than make the effort to beat him with your own power, or dream of revolution when you don’t have enough commitment and discipline to participate in the system that exists, then yes, Clint is correct.  You are too soft — to stop them from doing anything they want to do.

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Earlier in the year when Boko Haram committed terrorist killings someone asked why are we not all Nigeria, like we were when the terrorism happened in France. Recently we were all Pulse.

Early this week someone asked why are we not all Instanbul, or Baghdad and now Baton Rouge.  But of course #BlackLivesMatter again after Baton Rouge.  Not really.

We are really variations of a particular hashtag.  One variation is #WhiteLivesDon’tMatterUntil.  Mass killings of white people happen all the time, but there is no traction on stopping them. So you see, white lives really don’t matter, well, until they are taken by a Muslim, Black or Latino. #WhiteLivesDon’tMatterUntil

BlackLivesDon’tMatterUntil either.  We pine for the mothers of the children killed by the police, It’s awful when the state takes a Black person’s life.  But it’s look the other way when 5 times as many are killed and tens times are wounded every weekend in Chicago and other cities across America.  If they walk away from the police alive, but turn the corner and get killed by a 16 year old gang banger, it’s all good. So apparently it doesn’t matter how many are killed and wounded as long as it’s not the police doing it. Yes, all the excuses starting with they are usually arrested. You lie. The Blue Wall and Don’t Snitch are two sides of the same coin.

And these are Black mass killings that don’t make the news all across the country and world.  Because most Black people don’t want them brought up and most white people don’t care. #BlackLivesDon’tMatterUntil a white cop takes them.

So, you see we are all #LivesDon’tMatterUntil people, until it’s someone you care about or until it fits your ideology.  Until #AllLivesMatter becomes true and not just something we use to dismiss people whose lives really don’t matter to us, the killings will continue.  Expect the killings to continue.

Rudy Giuliani becomes new Black Panther

Rudy Giuliani blew a gasket about Beyonce’s performance during the 2016 super bowl. My first thought was I bet he’s wishing for Janet Jackson’s nipple now!

I read a lot of the comments about the super bowl halftime. It was interesting that some folks could only appreciate Lady Gaga’s performance of the National Anthem. This informs us of the problem with the Oscars. What if the people who vote for the Oscars can only appreciate their culture? Some people could only enjoy Lady Gaga. Others enjoyed her and the halftime show — and variations from that. All the more reason to have diverse Oscar members and voters — but that’s another issue.

What’s interesting about Lady Gaga’s performance is that she ended some of her phrases with “runs”. Runs that 20 years ago were seen as an abomination — an incorrect and unacceptable rendering of the Star Spangled Banner. Today, some folks could only appreciate her performance. 20 years from now they will be able to appreciate the halftime show, because that’s where we’re headed. Which leads me to the conclusion…

that in 20 years, Rudy Giuliani will become a new Black Panther.

Future of the Democratic Party


I agree with James Kwak, I just wouldn’t say it so politely…
Should we stick to a progressive candidate the way the right sticks to theirs. I’m not sure that’s always true, take McCain or Romney. Maybe the base is trying that with Trump.

I think the diff between left and right is more profound — Dems are like underdog activists. If you say what’s right and/or call people out on what’s right, they expect people to change. And somehow the moral high ground is supposed to lead to compromise.

The secret to the Republicans success goes farther than just “standing on principle and voting for what they believe in”. They will do whatever is necessary to make sure their views hold sway — gerrymander, obstruct voting rights, plot how they are going to deal with the Obama coalition on the night of the inauguration. Even if they appear to compromise in the short term when absolutely necessary, they immediately set out to undermine the compromise.

Dems don’t have to cheat, but they have to do more than chastise and assume the opposition will be swayed and cooperate. That includes no longer depending too much on the Federal gov to get things done and leaving the states, business, religion, poor whites, etc out of the equation.

Refuse to Serve and be Served by Gays

I don’t have a problem with businesses that don’t want to serve gays. I just hope these people are consistent in their religious beliefs. I don’t think these folks should accept services from gays either. That’s promoting homosexuality also. The current CEO of Apple is gay. That means no Apple products for you for the foreseeable future. There are prominent gays in most corporations. You’re going to be going without a lot of American staple products. A lot of you ladies are going to have to change hairdressers. And yes, even in church, you’ll have to walk out during a lot of those choir solos, and you know who I’m talking about.