Never Enslaved Resistance

I think I heard a Wakandan say, the way white supremacy works is to play on your belief that everyone is rational, sometimes misguided and with the right arguments, possible to change.

Soon, you’ll be spending all your time responding to their comments about Wakanda instead of making Wakanda real everywhere.
Their ultimate goal is colonization, enslavement of the mind, even if not your country. The result is the same.
The desire to fix them will take over your mind like a virus, pushing aside your Black Panther Joy.
As computer malware slows down your computer until it uses all your resources, their goal is to make you exhaust all of your resources on them — while ensuring no progress AGAINST them is made. All the while they are making other moves against you.
What you see as necesarily defending yourself or position is falling into the trap that has been laid for you.
They have no intention of your arguments changing their minds, only frustrating you until your spirit gives out. #BlackPanther

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