White supremacists shouldn’t worry

Am I subscribed to the wrong Black publications and news sources? So our top concerns are an unemployed football player and taking down the confederate monuments. Yo, confederate monument, why did you disapprove my mortgage application? Both are taking a backseat to the March against White Supremacy even (tangentially related to the monuments, I know). No wonder no one takes us seriously. What about Baltimore Ceasefire as the lead story.  Voter suppression? That’s right, Kap told us he doesn’t vote.  Try taking a knee next election day.  Donald Trump has some more friends he’d like to put in office.

Yeah, yeah, it’s about police brutality or the overall history of this nation.  But you have to go through boycotting the NFL and blackballing a player to get to the issue.  We allow our issues to get diluted and okie doked.  Sure Kap is being blackballed.  People may object to him protesting, but he’s still being allowed to protest.  Stay on topic — police brutality.

And things you can actually do that are less emotional, but way more effective than kneeling during the National Anthem.  Vote for District Attorney, the person who has lots of sway in who gets indicted and who doesn’t.  Vote for your state’s Attorney General.  Vote for judges, and where they are appointed, vote for who appoints them.  Finally, serve on juries so our point of view can’t be totally eliminated.  Not sexy, but way more effective.

Want something to do between votes.  Protest for bail reform, donate to bail outs.  Many folks are imprisoned simply because they can’t afford to pay their fines, fees and/or bail.  There was a national campaign to get mothers out of jail on mother’s day and fathers out of jail on father’s day.  Donate.  Get these people back into their communities and to their families. Protest to end this unwarranted incarceration and wrecking of people’s lives.

By all means, kneel during the National Anthem, or whatever form your protest takes.  But realize if every NFL  player were to kneel during the National Anthem, there would be zero impact on any District Attorney to indict the next police officer who wrongfully shoots a Black person.  These activities may move you emotionally, but alone they have no impact on white supremacy.  Often we’re just letting the white supremacists know they have nothing to worry about.

Then you can watch football games without guilt, be a giver like Kap — where he’s most effective anyway, and root for a Black football team owner to come about so Kap can be signed.

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