I hate political correctness too two

I agree with Clint Eastwood. I hate political correctness. And for the reason that he hates it.  We are too soft.

Let me explain.  Think about all of those politicians who have been using dog whistles and coded language for years.  We all agreed that was just politics, it doesn’t mean they are racists.  But these same dog whistling politicians also made sure 10 – 100 millions of dollars never flowed anywhere near black and brown communities. As long as they didn’t offend us with a word, phrase or image they were free to treat us like N18835s day in day out, 24/7.

Now they don’t understand.  If they got away with treating us like N18835s for decades, how could calling us N18835s to our face be worse and generate so much blowback. Surely if we were silent having our opportunities stolen from us without our knowledge (because we weren’t paying attention), surely we shouldn’t be butt hurt with a few racial slurs, jokes and cartoons.

Again I agree.  If we were OK with political corruption (we’ve done nothing to stop it) why are we so bothered by political incorrectness?

We can’t have any power you say.  They have power, they vote all the time. They make sure who they want is in power to do what they want behind our backs all the time.  It’s actually very simple.  In fact, they thought we had figured it out in 2008 and 2012.  It wasn’t  just because President Barack Obama was half black that he was a problem to them.  Their main issue with his election and reelection is that they feared he represented a recognition by us that collectively we have power and would begin to exercise it continually.  So they did what they always do. They set out to block him at every turn to discourage us from believing we could have any power.

And because utopia didn’t break out over night and the white supremacists didn’t immediately roll over and give up, it’s likely that the obstruction has convinced enough of us that we can’t win.  Often, causing us to lose a battle is enough for most of us to give up on winning the war. Actually, we won the battle, but because your pet issue wasn’t fully reversed/implemented, etc in eight years, the system obviously doesn’t work.  They aren’t screaming about taking America back because it doesn’t work. No, political correctness won’t make America great again either.

So, basically, if political incorrectness and opposition are all it takes to make you give up, beg the other guy to change rather than make the effort to beat him with your own power, or dream of revolution when you don’t have enough commitment and discipline to participate in the system that exists, then yes, Clint is correct.  You are too soft — to stop them from doing anything they want to do.

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